Summer Date Outfit

Summer Date Outfit

It is Friday yayy! Today I want to share with you my Summer date outfit. As some of you might know already, I love Summer, I try to enjoy every bit of it. But, lets be honest; sometimes Summer days can be a little bit too hot for some of us. That is why I picked this dress for my first Summer date outfit.

What to wear on a Summer Date

When I first saw this dress on the Forever21 website, I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I ordered it too big and had to go back and exchange it for a smaller size. Don’t you just hate when that happens?. #Ithappensallthetime. Let me know if that also happens to you.

My tip for the perfect Summer date outfit is to find clothing pieces you like and enjoy wearing. I love dresses during Summer, so this dress was right up my alley. I loved how this dress looks and feels. It feels very light weight, and I love the flower patterns on it, the patterns give such a beautiful feminine, chic look to the dress. Because the dress has a lot of details going on, all you need is a simple neckless, a pair of sandals, handbag and you have your Summer date outfit ready. ,

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post and that I was able to give you some tips of what to wear on a Summer date. Xoxo

The perfect Summer Date Outfit
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