My feature on Refinery29 with Make Up For Ever

My feature on Refinery29 with Make Up For Ever

Refinery29 Collab

Hello beauties! Today I am sharing one of my first accomplishments and one of many more to come. I won the #Shareyourshade contest with Makeupforever and Refinery29. Yes, Makeupforever and Refinery29! Can you believe it? It is still surreal for me that I was able to work with such an extraordinary brand as Makeupforever and Refinery29. I know for some people this accomplishment is nothing, since I did not get any earnings for the photo shoot, but to me it was a lifetime experience and a lesson. I was able to attend  my first real photo-shoot and I LOVED IT!! I enjoyed every single bit of it.

This contest was also a lesson for me and that is why I wanted to write about it. Originally I was not going to do the contest, I was so afraid that I was not going to be chosen, that I was not going to be the winner of the #shadeyourshade contest with Refinery29 and Makeup For Ever. I read the instruction’s more than 10 times, to make sure I followed each and every rule, but the more I read it, the more difficult it appeared to me. At one point I was not going to post the pictures just because I was afraid i wouldnt win. A few hours before the contest was closing, my husband told me “ you have nothing to lose by uploading the picture Wildania”. So, I did; just one hour before the contest being officially closed, I posted my picture on Instagram.

Now, imagine I would have never uploaded the picture; someone else would of won. I think we can apply this situation to mostly everything in life, if you do not get it done; someone else will. If you do not work hard for what you want, someone else will. Is okay to not be perfect, is okay to be denied, but is not okay to give up even before trying. I know not everything is going to be as I planned, I know I am going to be told “no” many times specially in this industry, but I need to learn to look at them as a lesson to work harder and better, not as an obstacle that can hold me back.




  1. Liz
    June 15, 2016 / 1:56 am

    Very inspiring. Keep up the good work. ?

    • Wildania
      June 15, 2016 / 2:08 am

      Thank you so much my love. I am glad you liked it and enjoyed it :). ?