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Summer dress

What to wear during the summer time Cool dresses under 15 dollars

Hello my beauties, happy Friday! I feel that this week went by so fast!Right?. Today I want to show you one of my favorite Summer dress under $20 dollars. As you know my blog is all about finding affordable pieces and how we can make it look trendy. This perfect summer dress I purchased from Forevere21 for under 20$ dollars! Can you believe it?. I am obsessed, and in love with this summer dress; it is so comfy, lose and I definitely love the patterns on it. I love dresses that are lose and sleeveless because I feel they are more comfortable to wear and can also be worm for different occasion, such as picnics, birthdays, and barbecues because what is summer without picnics and BBQ’s?.

Also, since this dress have patterns on it, it means that we can even wear it without accessories, all you need is some cool sandals and a purse and you are good to go. These gladiator sandals I purchased last summer. But, here I have provided you with one that is very similar.  The purse is also from Forevere 21. 

As of right now, I cannot say this is my #1 Summer dress yet; simply because I have more favorites that I have in mind and I will love to purchase to wear during the summer times and hopefully vacation. I have listed them down bellow just in case if you are curious :). I hope you all have a lovely and safe weekend.

#1 On the buy list       #2 On the buy list        #3 On the buy list      #4 On the buy List