My Simple Comfy Outfit

Hi everyone, thank you so much for passing by. Today’s post is a little more simple and extremely affordable and anyone can easily recreate this look. I love fashion and putting all types of outfits together, and wearing high heels but sometimes I just like to wear something very simple and cozy.
This is the kind of look I like to wear to run my errands, to go to work or school. On a busy long day I like to wear a simple neutral cardigan, nice scarf, flat boots and paired with some jeans. I also like to do a simple makeup look when I have a busy day, since it takes me no time to get ready and go on with my busy day.

These kind of comfy, simple and cozy outfits have helped me get through so, so many busy days of work and school that I cant even count them. Let’s be honest; it will be no joke to wear high heels on an 8 hour job and 3 hour class right after the other, right?. Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed today’s post; I just wanted to show you guys what my daily outfits are like, since I know many people like to wear simple and comfy clothes; specially if you have a full time job, or a student. I will love to know what are your “on the go simple looks” and if you will like to see more of these outfits please let me know. I really hope everyone have an amazing rest of the week and I will catch you on my next post.