Instagram Algorithm As a Micro Influencer

I think I always start with “ it has been a while”. But, seriously it has been a while since I posted something on my blog, so I think it is time that I start to get the hang of this again.

I want to start using this platform and YouTube a lot more than Instagram. Instagram has taken a toll on me, especially with the algorithm changes. I feel that I spend a lot of time creating content for my Instagram and people are not even able to see it, which is really sad.

As a micro influencer, exposure is very important to me and when you put in a lot of work to create content and people are not able to see it, it is very sad and frustrating.  I will really appreciate if you can please subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel, that way we can stay connected.

But, on a happy and exciting note, I wanted to share this look that I loved so so much. I have noticed that mesh tops have been a huge trend for fall and I am obsessed. It is sexy, chic, and it adds a fabulous touch to any outfit.

The best part, I purchased this top at Marshalls and I only paid 10$,win.  Who said you cannot be trendy while being on a  budget?

As for my accessories I kept it very simple, my Casio watch and one of my all time favorite handbag from Aldo. I purchased this purse a while ago and I do not know what I was thinking that I did not style it before. Another piece that I love is my black heels from Dream Pairs Shoes. These chunky heels are a most have!! These were under 30$ dollars so it is definitely a deal!

I really hope you enjoy today’s post. I will see you on my next post.