Distressed clothing 2016 Fall Trend

Distressed clothing
2016 Fall Trend


Happy Friday babes! I been thinking of starting this new series on my blog called “Friday Fav’s” which I share with you all my favorite clothing pieces, or beauty related products every Friday. I want to be more consistent and create exciting content on my blog, and I believe that ” Friday Fav” will be perfect.
Distressed clothing

Not only will I be sharing products that I like during the week, but I will also be blogging about beauty and fashion trends. So, for my very first Friday Fav’s; I want to start with the super popular trend that many celebrities and famous artists seem to not get enough of and it is the distressed clothing pieces.

Distressed clothing is a huge fall trend and as we seen on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Beyonce, Rihanna and many more, the more shredded the clothing piece is; the better. If you are not familiar with distressed clothing it’s basically clothing pieces that are ripped or appears to be over wash and purposely blemished. Yup, I know; crazy right?. But, you know what is crazy, the price tag for these type’s of clothing’s can range from 50$ to 1,000.00$ USD.

So, when I saw this red knitted ripped tank-top from Makemechic for only 20$ I needed to have it. I must say, the top looks pretty dope; and it can be either classy or casual. I decided to dress up a bit, by adding the heels and white pants. This will also go perfect with just black leggings and a leather motor jacket.

distressed-clothing distressed-top



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