How to Style The Boyfriend Jeans

How to Style The Boyfriend Jeans

Happy Tuesday babes. I wanted to start off this week with a very simple, but yet chic outfit. I am all about that glam life, but I am also all about that comfy and chic life. That is why I am sharing my go-to chic outfit and how I style the boyfriend jeans.

Outfit with Boyfriend Jeans

As a fashion blogger, I alway try to look my best, but sometimes that is not the case; specially when you have a million things to take care of and not enough time to accomplish them all. Specially now, that INSTAGRAM STORY takes 80% of my time, it is kind of an addiction!. I watch one snap and then Out of nowhere end up watching like 100’s, it is bad!

But, anyways; when I have one of those days ahead of me, I love to be classy and comfortable. To me, one of the most comfortable and trendy jeans are the boyfriend jeans and just in case you did not know, I love wearing jeans.

I know the boyfriend jeans are not everyone’s favorite, since some of them might not make some people’s body so flattering as other type of jeans. But, I really love wearing them; I feel that they are comfy, classy and you can style it very easily.

How I like to style the boyfriend jeans when I want to achieve a chic look, is by pairing it with tops that are feminine. Since these type of jeans are not tight and not too lose, I like to pair them with a blouse that does not have a lot of dimension or layers. I also like to add statement pieces, such as handbag and accessories. Always remember, style is all about playing with pieces and creating a style that defines you. I love to experiment and try different style.

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